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We work with

  • Startups
  • Students
  • Innovators
  • Researchers

We are looking for

  • 01.

    Startups with...

    Innovations for mobility solutions, factory automation & data-driven services.​

  • 02.

    Researchers who…​

    Want to collaborate with our experts for real industry experience, or have great ideas they want to nurture.​

  • 03.

    Innovators who...

    Have ideas and solutions for the automotive industry​

We are interested in ideas and innovation in…​
  • Carbon Credits & Offsets​
  • Data-Driven Services​
  • EV Ecosystem (battery services, V2X, etc.)​
  • Predictive Sensing​
  • Image & AI-Supported Quality Analysis​
  • Smart Wearables​
  • New Business Models
If you have an idea outside of this scope that you feel is relevant, we would love to hear about it!

Deep Dive on Specific Topics

  • Climate Protection & Air Quality
  • Consumption & Production
  • Resource Conservation
  • Livable Cities & Resilient Infrastructure
  • Battery Technologies
  • Sustainable Supply Chain
  • Digital Solutions & Data Responsibility
  • Circular Economy

Grow together with FUSO & gain access to the commercial vehicle market.

Startup Accelerator


Grow together with FUSO

Why partner with us?

  • Access Global and Japanese markets
  • Access our world-class facilities
  • Receive mentorship from our experts
  • Mitsubishi Fuso can be your venture client
  • Apply

    Share relevant details about your innovation and organization through our website.


  • Pitch

    Pitch your innovation to our subject matter experts & top management to earn a chance for a partnership​.


  • Pilot

    Work under the guidance of experts at FUSO to refine & further develop your innovation into a pilot / proof of concept.


  • Implement

    Become a long-term partner of FUSO and see your innovation implemented across one or more locations/products/activities at FUSO.


Share ideas, get exposure & interact with like-minded contributors

Collaboration Hub

Collaboration Hub

Share ideas

Gain exposure for your ideas​ Ideas & Projects

Do you have an innovative project you want to share or get input on? Join our collaboration space to engage with a community of peers, and along with FUSO, bridge the gaps needed to grow your project and become a disruptive innovator.

Get Exposure

Explore the community’s ideas & Contribute Your Spice

Delve into relevant projects that other users, just like you, share with our community to get exposure and evolve. Find relevant topics and become a collaborator to your peer’s projects, while learning from each other.
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Personalize the content that you Want To See

Cast the most relevant themes for your explore-quest, from eMobility to Industry 4.0 & future trends. Define your preferences, select your favorite topics and receive content tailored to your interests.

Weekly Selected Projects

ABC Battery (Sample Project)

Battery Technologies

We are a group of students working on a project to develop a greener, cheaper and stronger battery solution to promot

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  • 32

Find the latest articles on the future of mobility and join the discussion.

Mobility Blog


Livable Cities & Resilient Infrastructure

cldr-icon28 Sep 2022

Trucking life: the challenges of being a trucker PART 1

Circular Economy
Consumption & Production

cldr-icon20 Sep 2022

Box Truck Conversion: 6 Interesting & Popular Examples #Vanlife!

Digital Solutions & Data Responsibility

cldr-icon08 Sep 2022

AI in the Automotive Industry: predictive maintenance software

Digital Solutions & Data Responsibility

cldr-icon31 Aug 2022

Startup Pitch Events in Japan & Around the World

Consumption & Production
Digital Solutions & Data Responsibility

cldr-icon25 Aug 2022

The Complete Guide to the Industrial Metaverse and How It Will Revolutionize Manufacturing

Digital Solutions & Data Responsibility

cldr-icon18 Aug 2022

NFT Automotive Applications that Will Disrupt the Industry

Digital Solutions & Data Responsibility

cldr-icon10 Aug 2022

NFTs for Dummies: Understanding Non-fungible Tokens

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