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with Mitsubishi Fuso

We work with

  • Startups
  • Students
  • Innovators
  • Corporates
  • Researchers
  • Automotive OEMs

We are looking for

  • 01.

    Startups with...

    Innovations for mobility solutions, factory automation & data-driven services.​

  • 02.

    Researchers who…​

    Want to collaborate with our experts for real industry experience, or have great ideas they want to nurture.​

  • 03.

    Innovators who...

    Have ideas and solutions for the automotive industry​

We are interested in ideas and innovation in…​
  • CASE technologies (connected, autonomous, shared & electrified)
  • Data-driven services
  • AI & predictive sensing
  • Factory automation
  • Sustainability
  • Health & safety
  • New business models
If you have an idea outside of this scope that you feel is relevant, we would love to hear about it!

Deep Dive on Specific Topics

  • Climate Protection & Air Quality
  • Consumption & Production
  • Resource Conservation
  • Livable Cities & Resilient Infrastructure
  • Battery Technologies
  • Sustainable Supply Chain
  • Digital Solutions & Data Responsibility
  • Circular Economy

Grow together with FUSO & gain access to the commercial vehicle market.


Grow together with FUSO

Why partner with us?

  • Access Global and Japanese markets
  • Access our world-class facilities
  • Receive mentorship from our experts
  • Mitsubishi Fuso can be your venture client
  • Apply

    Share relevant details about your innovation and organization through our website.


  • Pitch

    Pitch your innovation to our subject matter experts & top management to earn a chance for a partnership​.


  • Pilot

    Work under the guidance of experts at FUSO to refine & further develop your innovation into a pilot / proof of concept.


  • Implement

    Become a long-term partner of FUSO and see your innovation implemented across one or more locations/products/activities at FUSO.


Collaboration Hub

Find the latest articles on the future of mobility and join the discussion.

Mobility Blog



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Digital Solutions & Data Responsibility

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Battery Technologies
Consumption & Production

cldr-icon04 May 2023

Electrify your fleet: how companies can switch to EV

Livable Cities & Resilient Infrastructure

cldr-icon04 Apr 2023

4 future HMI automotive applications

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