<p>About FUSO GreenLab</p>

About FUSO GreenLab

An ambitious project combining the strengths of FUSO with external innovators to develop mobility solutions for a sustainable future.

FUSO GreenLab

The future is green

Sustainable business practices are not just moral imperative but also offer excellent business opportunities to explore new solutions that can significantly improve the life of people and the planet. Fuso GreenLab was conceived with the idea of bringing a like-minded community together. One that desires to build sustainable solutions for people and the planet, by leveraging the future of the mobility. Through the Fuso GreenLab startup accelerator, MFTBC will be offering potential partners the access to our global network, use of our world-class facilities and proving grounds in Kitsuregawa, as well as knowledge sharing via technical & mentorship workshops with Fuso’s experts. This collaboration will not only speed up innovation but also create a Win-Win business relationship between FUSO and your organization.

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More on FUSO GreenLab

At FUSO GreenLab, you will be able to find three main spaces: Startup Lab, where any startup & researcher eager to grow their solutions, products or services can approach Mitsubishi Fuso for co-development and mentorship. Collaboration Hub, where you will be able to join other users in sharing your innovation and sustainability focused projects/ideas, while engaging in collaboration to support each other. Mobility Hub, where you will gain insights on the Automotive and mobility industry, by engaging with quality weekly-published content just out of the oven.

Through the FUSO GreenLab community, you will be able to engage in networking, explore new innovative ideas, be a creator on your own, and even officially partner-up with one of the leading players on the Automotive and mobility industry on a global scale: Mitsubishi Fuso.

Why work with us?

Business Startup Support in Tokyo

Market Access​

Mitsubishi Fuso is one of the industry leaders in manufacturing trucks, buses, and industrial engines for over 170 markets around the world. Selected projects can be incorporated into this ready-made ecosystem.​

Automotive POC with FUSO

Fostering Innovation​

MFTBC is focused on fostering innovation in the rapidly changing mobility Industry. In addition to our own internal efforts, we are looking for dynamic external partners with whom to collaborate with on exciting products, services & inventions.​

Developing innovative solutions for a sustainable future

Technical & Business ​ Expertise​

Knowledge sharing & coaching activities will be held to provide technical & business expertise from MFTBC’s Subject Matter Experts to help qualified partners grow & scale. ​

Business Startup Support in Tokyo

Kitsuregawa Proving Ground ​

One of the largest (1.17-Million-Square-Meter) test courses for trucks and buses in the world, along with testing and other facilities, will be made available to our potential partners to test their prototypes and inventions. ​

Alexander Ajvaz Jelinek

Manager, Product & Business Innovation

Michael Carter

Web Content Writer

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