FUSO GreenLab: Mitsubishi Fuso’s Startup Accelerator Program in Japan
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FUSO GreenLab: Mitsubishi Fuso’s Startup Accelerator Program in Japan

FUSO GreenLab is a startup accelerator program for one of the world’s largest commercial automotive manufacturers, Mitsubishi Fuso.

While there are many startup accelerators programs, FUSO GreenLab’s unique approach set it apart from other programs.

What is a startup accelerator?

A startup accelerator is a great way to get your idea off the ground or take it to the next level. They provide resources including expertise, facilities, and market access. There are some English-supported Japan startup accelerators, FUSO GreenLab stands alone. 

what is a startup accelerator?

Our startup accelerator support model

FUSO GreenLab differs from typical accelerator programs in three ways.

  1. Instead of connecting startups with suitable companies, our program matches innovations with FUSO’s internal departments.
  2. Our departments already have ongoing projects that need solutions. Innovations that pass our initial screening can be fast-tracked for speedy evaluation by these departments.
  3. Our startup support program moves beyond exploring new solutions. Ours is a hands-on approach that encourages collaboration by supplying information and resources.

Our doors are also open to student groups and other innovators working on a proof of concept. Our experts can offer resources and assistance to take your idea to the next level.

One thing to be mindful of is that this program is not an incubator.

The difference between a startup accelerator and incubator

difference between accelerators and incubators

The main difference is that incubators invest in startups, while startup accelerators do not. Instead, they offer mentorship, advice, connections to investors, and more. The goal of an accelerator is to turn a company or concept into a sustainable business or product.

For more mature companies, accelerators can help match proof of concepts with other organizations seeking solutions.

FUSO GreenLab offers startup support in Japan and beyond

FUSO GreenLab is interested in evaluating proof of concepts for implementation. We are also interested in collaborating on developing innovations.

This program does not offer seed funding. However, we will open our resources, expertise, and data with you depending on your needs.

Our resources included FUSO’s world-class proving grounds in Kitsuregawa, Japan. It features a massive test track where all of our products undergo evaluation. We also have a dedicated Bot Lab where our experts work on automated solutions for our factory of the future vision.

startup support Japan

Most of all, we can provide market access. Mitsubishi Fuso is part of Daimler Truck. Therefore, FUSO GreenLab can be your gateway to the international and Japanese markets.

How to pitch your startup or innovation to FUSO

How to pitch your startup

Any interested parties are encouraged to submit ideas to our portal. Before you apply it’s best to understand what type of support you will need, be it office space, data, market information, or expert advice. Next, you will need a pitch deck explaining the benefits of your innovation.

Finally, our experts will judge if the product or concept matches our objectives. If the review is positive, a technical discussion will follow to first assess the feasibility of the partnership. Then we will together establish a roadmap to implementation.

For tips on getting prepared, check out our article on how startups and corporations can successfully collaborate.

Focus areas

FUSO is looking for innovations in a wide range of mobility-related fields including:

  • Carbon Credits & Offsets
  • Data-Driven Services
  • EV Ecosystem (battery services, V2X, etc.)
  • Predictive Sensing
  • Image & AI-Supported Quality Analysis
  • Smart Wearables

However, if you have an idea outside of this scope that you feel is relevant we would love to hear about it!

accelerator focus areas

Startup pitch events and other activities

FUSO GreenLab staff frequently participate in online and external events. Find out where we will be next by checking our events calendar. We’d love to meet you!

We also host startup pitching events as well as reverse pitch events. Reverse pitches help convey the scope of the innovation we need and provide direction to startups.

The results of these events are also different than typical models that seek to pit solutions against one another in search of a winner.

Instead of hosting startup pitch competitions that feature cash prizes and panels of judges, our startup program focuses on providing an opportunity to pitch. Any innovations we find intriguing have the chance to advance for further discussions. Selected startups may be invited for further in-person meetings.

Startup support in Japan

If you are a startup, academic group, or individual with innovation and an interest in introducing your idea to the mobility industry, please contact us!

We are your gateway to accessing the Japanese market and introducing your business in Japan. For domestic companies, our accelerator program could be your gateway to the world!

Send us your pitch!


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