Startup Pitch Events in Japan & Around the World
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Startup Pitch Events in Japan & Around the World

FUSO GreenLab is a startup accelerator for Mitsubishi Fuso. We plan regular startup pitch events for startups domestically in Japan and globally for international companies. We also provide support in the form of data, expert advice, and facilities.

For early-stage startups, making your presence, product and ideas known can be crucial to the success of your company. Startup pitch events and pitch competitions and related events are an ideal way to achieve this.

What kind of startup pitch events do we offer?

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FUSO GreenLab works with a variety of partners to organize different styles of events. Currently, we focus on three main types: general pitch events, reverse pitch events, and direct pitches. We are also open to other formats and are planning hackathons with academia in the future.

Here is a brief breakdown of our event types.

General pitch events:

These startup pitch events typically focus on a specific topic and are completed in one session. Startups have 15-30 minutes to pitch their innovative solutions to our experts with the goal of generating interest for collaboration. Pitch sessions are followed by Q&As between the startups, our representatives, and the organizers.


Kiraboshi Mobility Startup Pitching Event

FUSO GreenLab teamed up with Kiraboshi Consulting Company, a local startup support incubator in Haneda, Tokyo, for a hybrid online and in-person pitch event on mobility topics. Six up-and-coming startups pitched their innovations to a live audience.

GSC Fukuoka Pitching Event

This event featured startups from Spain, who pitched remotely on a variety of topics applicable to the automotive industry including power supplies, 3D component printing technology, augmented reality, and IoT (internet of things) solutions.

These events have led to the signing of several non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) for deeper discussions for potential collaborations.

Reverse pitch events:

Reverse pitch events feature an initial session from the host companies. Experts present pain points they need help to solve to an audience composed of startups and businesses. Those with relevant products or solutions can then apply for individual pitches based on the host’s need.

Example case:

Mitsubishi Fuso teamed up with the Kawasaki Business Incubation Center seeking factory automation solutions. This event took place over two reverse pitch rounds. The first featured presentations from FUSO representatives to businesses and startups on two factory automation challenges.

After the session, over 30 interested parties applied with relevant solutions to share. Ultimately, 17 were selected to pitch to FUSO with four advancing to project discussions under NDAs.


A hackathon is an event that features design sprints usually involving software development to solve a problem or answer a question in a short period of time.

Example case:

FUSO GreenLab is currently preparing for its first hackathon. Topics and participants are under finalization with several universities and external partners.  

Moreover, in the past, FUSO has worked on robotic AI solutions with data science students. While that collaboration was not structured as a hackathon it took place over several months. The overall collaboration model was quite similar. We are also currently seeking to collaborate with universities to replicate this model in shorter formats.

How are our events different?

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FUSO events differ from typical startup pitch competitions in that we don’t necessarily single out one pitch above others. Any innovation or business idea our panel of judges finds intriguing has the opportunity to advance. Selected startups may be invited for in-person meetings for the chance to work with us as a venture client. We can provide access to our experts, facilities and markets.

Our goal is to match the best ideas with Mitsubishi Fuso departments, which are looking for solutions in those fields. We are actively growing an innovation ecosystem within our company, and we need your help to achieve that!

Who do we work with?

Our team has a network of partners and collaborations with the local startup ecosystem in Japan including J-Startup, Global Startup Center, Yokohama Cross Over (YOXO), and Osaka Innovation Hub among others.

We also work with governmental organizations and their departments that support startups. These include the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) and the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry (METI).

Tips for pitching your startup, innovations, ideas, and products

In order to hone your pitching skills, learn how to explain your product in a short, concise manner by focusing on some basic points to form what is known as an elevator pitch.

  • Identify the problem
  • Explain how your solutions address it (and the relevant use-case for your audience)
  • Differentiate your solutions from others
  • Introduce the strengths of your team
  • Highlight the help you need from a potential partner (data, expertise, facilities, funding, etc.)
how to pitch my startup

The command and knowledge of these points will help you address any questions asked, and demonstrate your expertise. It’s also important to remember that not all the people you are pitching are technical experts. Staying away from abbreviations, complex language, and lengthy descriptions will help you explain your idea much more clearly.

FUSO GreenLab is always seeking submissions!

While we continuously have pitch events on the horizon, you don’t have to wait for one to share your amazing ideas with us!

We are always on the lookout for exciting innovations that we can collaborate on to help change the commercial vehicle industry and make it more sustainable.

Submit your ideas to our startup accelerator and we promise to evaluate your material and get back to you within 2 weeks. We hope to hear from you soon!


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